Thursday, July 15, 2010

New HDR editing tool on the block OLONEO PhotoEngine

OLONEO PhotoEngine is a new HDR tool.  After one day of use I am really impressed with it.The tool not only creates really impressive HDR image with a single image but it is also amazingly fast.Software developers at OLONEO created a fantastic interface.Just moving some sliders starts showing marvelous variations in a photograph.The inclusion of video tutorials for each feature is just icing on the cake.

Main features (directly from the website)

HDR ReLight
Take pictures then set up lightings later.
Learn more

HDR ToneMap
96-bit per pixel, ultra-wide gamut, full resolution high dynamic re-exposure in real-time.
Learn more

HDR DeNoise
Noise and grain reduction tool with full detail preservation, no smoothing and no artifacts.
Learn more

RAW photo processing
A complete, high-end RAW and image processing module.
Learn more

Interface and other features
Simple, intuitive, responsive and productive environment.
Learn more

My Adventures

Here is what I was able to create just by sliding a single slider in HDR Auto mode

Original Image

HDR with PhotoEngine

I was able to do this after watching a six minutes video tutorial also created by smart guys at OLONEO.

Here are some samples of images that I was able to make more vivid using this tool.

I am still exploring the possibilities which look endless at this moment :) . I will be posting more on this as I dig deeper into all the features of this tool until then you can join the bandwagon by downloading the free beta version available from the OLONEO website. Enjoy

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