Thursday, September 23, 2010

Magic of kit lens ( Canon 18- 55 mm)

Canon Rebel series of DSLR  cameras mostly come with a 18-55mm kit lens.I have heard many people complaining about the  quality of lens.But I disagree with such reviews and I firmly believe for starters in DSLR world its an amazing piece of glass. People moving from P&S can see the difference immediately.

To prove my point , here are some pictures that I took with this lens on my Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR

NYC 4th of July
Specs: f - 20.0  ISO - 100 Shutter Speed : 6 secs
Focal Length : 39mm , Tripod used
Edited with : Oloneo PhotoEngine

                                                                    Lovely Sunset
Specs: f - 8.0  ISO - 100 Shutter Speed :1/ 4 secs
Focal Length : 30mm Tripod used
Edited with : Oloneo PhotoEngine

Mystic Coney Island
Specs: f - 7.1  ISO - 100 Shutter Speed :1/ 125 secs
Focal Length : 30mm Tripod used

Ever Charmig Times Square
Specs: f - 18.0  ISO - 100 Shutter Speed :1sec
Focal Length : 25mm Tripod used

Filtered Rays
Focal Length : 55mm Tripod used

Amzing Orchid Show at NYBG
Specs: f - 5.0  ISO - 200 Shutter Speed :1/80secs
Focal Length : 44mm

What did I say about Times Square?
Specs: f - 29.0  ISO - 100 Shutter Speed :30 secs
Focal Length : 37mm Tripod used

Coney Island

Specs: f - 9.0  ISO - 100 Shutter Speed :1/160 secs
Focal Length : 55mm Tripod used

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My take on composition.

Simply put composition is removing all unnecessary elements  from your photograph.Its decluttering of your photo.Digital camera is one of the best compositional tool available.

Chase Jarvis on composition rule of  "Less is More"

How lenses play part in composition?

  • Telephoto lenses 
           These bring objects closer and reduces the area of the scene included.You can select and isolate images from the scene in front of you.The longer the lens,the greater the selectivity.These lenses are best tools to show repeating patterns as they compress perspective.
  • Wide angle lenses
         Wide angle lenses separate near objects from their background.